STEVE MCDONALD (Of Redd Kross, The Melvins, OFF!)

Abby and Steve ham it up in LA CA September 2018

Steve and Abby take a hike to the Bat Cave in the Hollywood Hills. Subjects include: 70’s pop culture, tour and A & R mishaps, early punk code in Los Angeles.

Hosted by Abby Travis

Produced by John Ganem

Field Sound Recording by Abby Travis

Edited by John Ganem

Intro music by The Charm Offensive (Mathias Schneeberger, Abby Travis & Denny Weston). Produced by Matthias Schneeberger at Dover and Blitzen Studios

Outro music: “Sunday is the Day for Love Instrumental” by Abby Travis original version available on the album “Cutthroat Standards & Black Pop”. Produced by Kristian Hoffman and Abby Travis. Mixed by Chris Goss, Abby Travis- vocals, bass; Mike Boito-piano; DJ Bonebrake- vibraphone; Joseph Berardi- drums, percussion

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